Greetings from Dr. McCorkle

Welcome to the Diversity and Inclusion Meet and Greet, Participants.
Western Michigan University takes pride in being a leader in the promotion of diversity and inclusion in higher education. WMU is committed to creating spaces in which all of its constituents are valued and affirmed. We encourage authenticity. 
Diversity at WMU is viewed from a broad lens to encompass diverse experiences. We seek to move beyond the representation of diverse cultures to an environment that is truly inclusive of all and equitable for all. The contribution and engagement of diverse ethnicities, gender identities, abilities, ages, socioeconomic statuses, sexual orientations, political ideologies, religious beliefs, and cultural practices enhance the intellectual and social development of our community. 
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides direction to WMU through the work of Diversity Education, Disability Student Services, LGBT Student Services, Kalamazoo Promise Scholars, Division of Multicultural Affairs, and the office of the Vice President of ODI. We provide the community and the university with diversity outreach through programs such as the Real talk Diversity Series and presentations to classrooms and organizations. It is the mission of ODI to provide educational and social opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to engage with individuals and ideas that challenge their worldview and encourages understanding of others. 
On behalf of the resolute staff of ODI, we warmly welcome you to the Western Michigan University family. We look forward to contributing to your achievements as a Bronco. Go forth and be fearlessly confident.
Candy McCorkle, Ph.D. Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion