Real Talk Diversity Series

Logo designDiversity is important because it affects everyone. Diversity is more than racial classification, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. Diversity encompasses the whole range of human experiences including but not limited to age, gender, racial classification, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic class, physical disabilities, national origin, geographical location, political orientation, physical size and appearance. These factors influence the cultural experiences and backgrounds of individuals and groups.

At Western Michigan University's Real Talk Diversity Series, participants have an opportunity to interact and learn about the experiences and perspectives of individuals and groups from many cultural backgrounds. The series provides a forum to engage in and discuss critically many pertinent issues, serving as a bridge to the entire campus community. Many of the problems experienced by culturally different groups and individuals are based on cross-cultural miscommunication and misinformation. The Real Talk Diversity Series plans to serve as a catalyst to promote, celebrate, and increase awareness about diversity at WMU, to recognize cultural differences as well as similarities, and to encourage cross-cultural interaction. 

These goals will be accomplished through a number of different program formats including but not limited to:

  • Raising awareness programs: Participants engage issues of diversity informational and experiential programs.
  • Stimulating dialogue: Participants engage issues of diversity through discussion with their peers.
  • Eliminating false ideologies: Participants engage issues of diversity in an intensive workshop format that includes concept exploration, exercises, and skill development.

 See Real Talk Diversity Series Events page for dates, times, and location.