Navigating the digital marketplace

Lexi Payne

Lexi Payne Lexi Payne never underestimates the power of combining creativity with technical knowhow. It’s this mindset that led her to major in digital marketing and eCommerce at Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business.

“I wanted to have a more technical and analytical background combined with a marketing education,” Payne says. “Since the digital space is so new, it allows me to be creative and stay cutting-edge on new practices. Coming to Western felt like a great opportunity to gain all the knowledge I possibly can to set me up for success.”

From Amazon to Zappos and all the online marketplaces in between, Payne had an immediate interest in the booming eCommerce industry. Her digital marketing courses led her to contemplate not only how consumers engage with virtual companies, but why. “I am passionate about understanding trends and consumer behavior, and how eCommerce is affecting the way online buying decisions are made,” she says.

Payne hopes to carry that passion into a career in digital marketing, with ambitions of working on a brand team or supporting eCommerce. As a career peer educator in the college’s Zhang Career Center, she has learned leadership, presentation and networking skills that will serve her well in a variety of professional roles. For whatever path she chooses, finding a corporate culture that aligns with her own values is a top priority.

“I am looking for a business culture that puts employees and consumers first,” she says. “It is important to me to be part of a company where leadership engages with every level of the organization and allows avenues for change to occur. I want to be part of a company that has a clear vision for the future and the values to support it.”

Payne credits her marketing professors, Dr. Ann Veeck and Dr. Scott Cowley, for preparing her for success in the digital marketing realm. “They have provided a solid educational experience by teaching me relevant things that are emerging in current industries,” she says. “They both truly care about students and want to help us toward a bright future.”