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Steven M. Durbin

Steven Durbin
Department Chair

Office: 269 276-3150

Office: B-236 Parkview Campus, Mail Stop 5329

Mailing Address
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5329 USA


Ph.D., Purdue University, 1994
M.S., Purdue University, 1989
B.S., Purdue University, 1988

Research Interests

Selected Publications

  1. B. Keen, R. Makin, P.A. Stampe, R.J. Kennedy, S. Sallis, L.J. Piper, B. McCombe, and S.M. Durbin, Growth parameters for thin film InBi grown by molecular beam epitaxy, Journal of Electronic Materials (2014) online. [Link]
  2. N. Feldberg, J.D. Aldous, W.M. Linhart, L.J. Phillips, K. Durose, P. A. Stampe, R. J. Kennedy, D.O. Scanlon, G. Vardar, R.L. Field III, T.Y. Jen, R.S. Goldman, T.D. VealĀ and S.M. Durbin, Growth, disorder, and physical properties of ZnSnN2, Applied Physics Letters 103 (2013) 042109. [ Link]
  3. W.M. Linhart, J. Chai, R.J.H. Morris, M.G. Dowsett, C.F. McConville, S.M. Durbin and T.D. Veal, Giant reduction of InN surface electron accumulation: Compensation of surface donors by Mg dopants, Physical Review Letters 109 (2012) 247605-1 to -5. [Link]
  4. W.C.T. Lee, C.E. Kendrick, R.P. Millane, Z. Liu, S.P. Ringer, K. Washburn, P.T. Callaghan, and S.M. Durbin, Porous ZnO nanonetworks grown by molecular beam epitaxy, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 45 (2012) 135301-1 to -6. [Link]
  5. M.W. Allen and S.M. Durbin, Role of a universal branch-point energy at ZnO interfaces, Physical Review B 82 (2010) 165310-1 to 165310-5. [Link]

Current Students