Message From the Dean

Dean Ming Li

Dr. Ming Li, dean

The College of Education and Human Development has the longest standing history among all the colleges at Western Michigan University with a 110 year tradition of excellence and success. "Continuing the Tradition of Success" is our motto. It depicts our brand promise and captures the brand spirit of our college. The motto not only reminds us of our root and celebrated history, but also highlights our long-lasting commitment to excellence, and our enduring desire to achieve success.

Our college offers a broad range of diverse programs preparing exceptional professionals who advance knowledge and generate creative works and make a positive impact to society through their engagement with local and global community. The programs offered include professional preparation for careers in pre-K-12 schools, design firms, health and wellness agencies, sport and recreation venues, community organizations, and a variety of business settings. In short, our college offers opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to study and pursue a career in “people-centered” professions.  

Our college has an exceptional group of faculty and staff who are committed to the creation, enhancement, and dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge through its distinct program areas. Guided by a dedicated faculty, students are challenged and engaged in classrooms, community groups, small businesses, health care settings, and our own counseling centers. They frequently work in settings, such as the Kalamazoo Juvenile Home, schools in the greater Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Metro Detroit areas, sports teams, pre-schools and daycares, WMU's Sindecuse Health Center, local health care providers, nursing homes and other care facilities. Through the experiential learning opportunities, our students develop the essential skills and competencies needed for professional success.

With a distinguished record of accomplishments, our college is well positioned for the future challenges.

Dr. Ming Li