Mission, Vision and Goals


Embracing WMU’s goals to be learner centered, discovery driven, and globally engaged, the College of Education and Human Development is committed to:

  • Developing exceptional education and human development professionals who positively impact our global society
  • Advancing knowledge through teaching, scholarship, creative works, and service
  • Enhancing the university and its stakeholders through transformative field experiences and collaborations


Be the premier choice for a diverse community of education and human development learners by offering a portfolio of regionally, nationally and internationally recognized programs.


 The goals for the College of Education and Human Development at Western Michigan University are:

  1. Evaluate, integrate and focus college outreach programs.
  2. Enhance the environment for teaching and learning with bricks and mortar and actions and attitudes.
  3. Systematically study staffing and load issues to improve prospects for new personnel resources.
  4. Increase emphasis on graduate student recruitment and program development.
  5. Accelerate the infusion of technology and international and multicultural dimensions across program areas.
  6. Improve the coordination and integration of on and off campus programs and faculty.
  7. Implement comprehensive and coordinated program evaluation strategies.
  8. Develop new strategies and capacities for communicating the good work achieved in the college to all stake holders.