Candidate Disposition Inventory

Dispositions are operationally defined as tendencies or beliefs that are conveyed or made public through observable behaviors. Identify your choice by selecting the appropriate level. Please remember that students are graded with respect to their level of acceptable behavior or their deviation from it. A score of 3 is given to students whom you have not observed any behaviors that would lead you to believe that their dispositions are anything other than acceptable. Scores that approach 1 should be given to students whom exhibit less than acceptable behaviors and scores that approach 5 should be reserved for students who exhibit exceptional behaviors.

(first and last name)
Your nine-digit WMU Identification Number.
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Professional Commitment and Responsibility
The candidate demonstrates a commitment to the profession and adheres to the legal and ethical standards set forth by it.
Professional Relationships
The candidate develops, maintains and models appropriate relationships within the workplace, community and larger society.
Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice
The candidate demonstrates a commitment to continuous development within the profession.