Policy on Student Complaint Tracking and Reporting: End of Year Report

Policy on Complaint Tracking and Reporting 

The Policy on Student Complaint Tracking and Reporting establishes WMU's structure for handling and reporting student complaints. While Units will be responsible for developing and implementing their specific areas' procedure for receiving and handling student complaints, this Policy provides the University's expectation of how such procedures are to be documented and reported. 

The Annual Report on Student Complaint Tracking template is the standardized form to be used by all units for reporting number and frequency of complaints; average time for review, referral and resolution; and recommendations for improvement. 

 The template collects information on:

  • Total number of complaints
  • Complaint Category
  • Description of the process the unit/department uses to manage student complaints
  • History of Complaints received and processed

  • Average timeline for complaint review and resolution
  • Resolution type
  • Documentation of how units review complaint information and utlize in planning for process improvement
  • Website link to unit student complaint procedures. 

End of Year Reporting

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) is piloting a template for data collection received during the 2017-2018 academic year from all WMU units, through the identified procedures outlined in the Student Complaint Tracking and Reporting Policy.

2017-2018 Annual Report on Student Complaints Template is due June 30, 2018 and can be submitted to Adriana Cardoso Reyes, Assistant Director-Institutional Accreditation and Planning in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.