Creating Modules

What is a module?

Modules are the units that define the organization of your content area. Think about them as equivalent to a single class or week of course meetings. They can also be used to define units, but for most learners a more incremental approach is beneficial.

Each module offers a description area for outlining your objectives and activities and a Topic area where you will add/link your readings, quizzes, dropbox assignments, discussions, etc.

Creating a Module in your Elearning Course

  1. Go to the Content tab located in the course navigation bar at the top of your course homepage.
  2. Select Add a Module located at the bottom of the left-side menu. It will become an input-text box.
  3. Enter a name for the new module in the input-text box.
  4. Click enter on your keyboard. The module's name will now appear at the bottom of the Table of Contents panel, and the newly created module will be in the Contents section.
  5. Once you've created a module, you can add your module description (recommended) and begin adding topic files and links to activities to the module.


  • Weekly modules help learners to stay organized and complete items in the order intended.
  • Consider sequentially numbering and using topical titles to help guide students in completing items in the order you think best. Example: [1 – Introduction to Elearning: Quick Start Basics]

Adding a Module Description

  1. Go to Content tab in the course navigation bar at the top of your course homepage.
  2. Select the module title that you would like to develop (blue linked titles for each module in your course are located in order on the left-side menu).  Discussion area input-text box will open.
  3. In the module description text box add:
  • Overview: Describe the main topic for discussion in this module
  • Activities: List readings, discussions, assessments, assignments, presentations, and video topics in the order that you think best for learning.

Adding Dates and Restrictions to Modules

If you want to move students through the course at a specific pace, you can set start dates for your modules as well as due dates (see “add dates and restrictions” in description area). These restrictions allow you to hide items until a specified start date. End dates are not recommended as they hide access after completion. Due dates notify students of the need to complete the module by a given date.