Eteaching Endorsement Program

Notice: All Elearning training and drop-in sessions are currently being conducted online.  To view general times and book an appointment, please visit the WMU instructional continuity resources.



Program Overview

The WMU Eteaching Endorsement Program is designed to provide WMU instructors with the knowledge, skills and ability to effectively design, develop, and manage teaching and learning experiences facilitated through the use of a variety of Elearning technologies and methodologies. This hands-on program will be based on contemporary Elearning best practices, instructional design techniques, methods for ensuring quality, multi-modal/sensory learning object development, and accessibility considerations and compliance. Participants will develop, at a minimum, a web enhanced course that can be utilized in support of face-to-face instruction.


The Eteaching Endorsement Program is delivered in a hybrid format with instructional sessions conducted both online and face-to-face.  Participants will be expected to complete some online learning modules before meeting for face to face sessions. There will be a total of three live face to face classroom meetings and five online learning modules.  Participants are expected to actively participate in lessons, discussions and prepare course materials with the assistance of the Online Education team.

Who should attend

The Eteaching Endorsement Program is available to all WMU instructors interested in exploring or pursuing the use of Elearning and instructional technologies that support or facilitate Elearning. Department chairs, program coordinators, deans and other academic support personnel are also welcome.


Participants who successfully complete the program will, upon request, receive a certificate of completion signed by the WMU Provost. To earn a certificate all participants must complete all deliverable requirements of the eTeaching Endorsement program. 


Outline of topics and format

*F2F indicates a face to face training session. 

Format Module Topic
Online Module A. Introduction to Elearning 
F2F Module B. Instructional Design Planning 
Online Module C. Course Organization
F2F Module D. Developing Learning Activities
Online Module E. Learner Support and Communication
F2F Module F. Building Content
Online Module G. Continuous Improvement & Course Management
F2F Module H. Assessment


Upcoming schedule

*Note: Changes to the session topics and number may be adjusted with notification to participants. 


*Note: If you are looking for a training topic that is not yet scheduled or if the scheduled times and days do not work with your calendar,  please reach out to and we will do our best to accommodate your needs!