Scheduled Maintenance

There are no pre-defined or planned windows for system downtime. Elearning is always available. In very rare cases, issues may arise that are outside of our control which will require the vendor, Brightspace/D2L, to perform maintenance that will impact site availability. In these rare cases, Brightspace will perform necessary maintenance with as much advanced notification as possible.

Our Elearning application is also updated each month under a Continuous Delivery (CD) model. The Continuous Delivery model allows Brightspace to deliver updated technology, with timely delivery of new functionality to our users. These updates are delivered first to our test environment then two weeks later to production. As with system updates, CD updates do not require any downtime.

You can read about upcoming features at the Brightspace Community Website and experience them prior installation in production from our test environment (

Version Test Production
10.8.9 Jan 7-9 Jan. 17-18
10.8.10 Feb. 11-13 Feb. 21-22
10.8.11 Mar. 11-13 Mar. 21-22
10.8.12 Apr. 8-10 Apr. 18-19
10.9.1 May 6-8 May 16-17
10.9.2 June 8-10 June 20-21
10.9.3 July 8-10 July 18-19
10.9.4 Aug. 5-7 Aug. 15-16
10.9.5 Sep. 9-11 Sep. 12-13
10.9.6 Oct. 7-8 Oct. 17-18
10.9.7 Nov. 11-3 Nov. 14-15
10.9.8 Dec. 9-11 Dec. 19-20