CamScanner - Mobile Document Scanner

CamScanner is an easy-to-use, mobile scanning application for your mobile device that allows you to take a picture of a document and create a PDF and add annotations, among other features. The University does not have built in support for this tool, so you will need to go directly to the mobile app for technical support, here is how to get there.

You can use CamScanner to:

  • Take a photo of written homework assignments
  • Scan a document and edit it right in the app
  • Scan a document and make annotations
  • Generate a PDF or JPG file and send it to your email, turn it in to the dropbox, or share with up to 10 other people for collaboration
  • To find out more capabilities, go the the CamScanner website

Quick Steps: 

  1. Search for CamScanner in the App Store on your mobile device, or
  2. Click the link to scan a QR code to start the download on your mobile device by visiting the CamScanner website
  3. Use it!

There are additional resources below to give you more direct instructions!

Having Tech. Issues? - Go to the CamScanner help on the mobile app for assistance, here is how to get there.


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