Floyd Hall and Fast Facts

Floyd Hall

Western Michigan University’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is located at the heart of the University’s Parkview Campus in Floyd Hall. The 343,000-square-foot facility was completed in the fall of 2003. The $100 million high-tech academic facility is the University’s largest.

The building features two two-story brick wings—each more than 600 feet long—joined by a central glass hub. The entire engineering complex, which includes two attached parking ramps, a Paper Coating Pilot Plant that was opened in 2003 and an energy resource center, is a major component to the Parkview Campus. The new 265-acre campus, which is three miles south of WMU’s main Kalamazoo campus, also includes a Business Technology and Research Park. The BTR park has been designated a Michigan SmartZone and is home to 42 companies in the life sciences, information technology and advanced engineering.

The facility includes seven computer teaching labs, 75 research and teaching laboratories, and a number of flexible classroom and lecture spaces. Many features are aimed specifically at student study and research needs, including study lounges and breakout rooms where small groups can work together on engineering projects. The facility is a wireless computing environment, but also includes extensive hard wiring for high-end computing needs and interactive instruction.

The faculty, advisors and staff are dedicated to having you receive the best education possible by getting you involved in activities starting with your freshman year. We will keep you informed of the top trends in the engineering industry, teach you how to interact and compete in a global market, and inspire you to reach for new solutions.

Fast Facts

Western Michigan University's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is the best place to study engineering and applied sciences and here are a few facts that show why.

  • Over 3,000 students, including 450 master of science students and 142 doctoral students.
  • 98 faculty members.
  • Our facility has more than 323,000 square feet of research and learning space, featuring more than 75 laboratories for undergraduate and graduate research.
  • More than 30 student organizations, many affiliated with professional societies, offer students the opportunity to hone their leadership and team-building skills as well as take part in such projects as the Sunseeker solar racecar, mini-Baja vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.
  • WMU has paper, paper coating and printing pilot plants on the same campus, giving students first-hand experience in pulping, paper making, printing and recycling.
  • We are located at the WMU Parkview Campus, home to the Business Technology and Research Park that houses over 42 companies.

Specialized engineering centers and laboratories include:

  • Computer-aided engineering center with some of the same engineering design and production software used by the world's leading corporations.
  • Center for the Advancement of Printed Electronics
  • Center for Printing and Coating Research
  • Applied Aerodynamics Laboratory and advanced design wind tunnel.
  • Instructional laboratories in digital logic, microcomputers, circuits, energy conversion, and noise and vibration.
  • An interdisciplinary design studio, with cutting-edge software for product design.