Readmission for CEAS Exploratory


Students who are placed into MATH 1110 – Algebra II – are considered CEAS Exploratory students.  Please see our information on the CEAS Exploratory major here for additional information.  In order to maintain eligibility for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences students must:

  • Pass MATH 1110, or its equivalent at another institution, with a grade of B or better in two or fewer attempts
  • In order to be considered for a second attempt, students must pass with a C or CB in their first attempt

 For students who were dismissed from the CEAS for being unable to obtain the required grade in MATH 1110 please submit the following to the CEAS Academic Advising Office by the deadline as stated in the dismissal letter/email:

  1. College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Readmission Questionnaire
  2. Progress reports for all currently enrolled courses, if applicable
  3. Official transcripts for any institution attended since dismissal from the CEAS


Note: Because it is not generally in the student’s best interest, readmission typically is not granted for a summer term.

Petitioning for readmission does not guarantee automatic readmission to the CEAS. Readmission decisions are made by the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Readmission Committee.