The Art and Science of Engineering

This class session explores the central role of design in engineering and technology disciplines. Students will learn about the role of design and how its creative and artistic attributes work alongside traditional analytical disciplines such as math and physics. Dr. Mallak brings in examples from various industries to illustrate aspects of design. From Fortnite to Zoom to Starbucks and PowerPoint, design should be intentional, follow principles, and not be an afterthought. Students will interact through a fun quiz on design and innovation and are encouraged to ask questions and get involved rather just "viewing" the class.

This class session is scheduled for 45 min. including questions at the end.

Instructor: Dr. Larry Mallak teaches courses that bring together many elements of everyday systems and organizational behavior for their lessons and applications to more complex engineering projects. He seeks to engage the students, whether online or F2F, in a supportive learning environment. As for the official stuff, he's a Fellow of the American Society for Engineering Management and a Professor in WMU's Department of Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering & Engineering Management.

 May 19 Session Details