CAE Center Help Desk via TeamViewer

Fall Hours

Monday through Friday — 8:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. – Monday - Friday

Please start a chat window with us at our  CAE Microsoft Teams chat


There is an easy way to receive support from the CAE Help Desk utilizing their custom QuickSupport module.

To use the module, please go to  -


When you first click the link, you should see this screen. The program will automatically download to your computer and you will only need to download this one time.


Once the program is launched, this is the screen you will see. The session code and name fields automatically populate (the name is based on the computer username). The description field needs to be filled by you. NOTE – The program MUST BE OPEN for the CAE Help Desk to work on your computer.

This is the screen you will see once an administrator requests control of your computer. The "cancel" button has a countdown and if you do not allow the administrator access to your computer, your request will be denied.


While the administrator is controlling your computer, you will still be able to move your mouse and use your keyboard. The administrator does not have complete control but shared control.


It is important to note that when you enter a remote control session, your desktop background will be black. You can also exit the remote control session at any time by closing the TeamViewer window (pictured) that appears once you allow the administrator control of your machine. When you are finished speaking to the administrator, you will need to hit cancel or close out of the QuickSupport program.