DENSO North America Foundation awards $50,000 grant

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering was awarded a $50,000 grant from the DENSO North America Foundation to fund improvements to WMU’s automotive systems laboratory and provide equipment for the student-run Formula SAE team (see related story in this issue). Dr. Rick Meyer, assistant professor, submitted the proposal and said that the grant will make a significant impact on student learning and enhance research activities.

 “We so greatly appreciate the generosity of the DENSO North America Foundation,” he said. “This type of funding is so beneficial to our students and faculty, and enhances our ability to support industry-sponsored research projects.”

 Meyer said the funds will be used in the automotive lab for a new National Instruments engine data acquisition and control system, which will allow students to experience engine testing and development using common industry equipment. “With this grant, our newly upgraded automotive lab can be used to educate a new generation of engineers on a platform that integrates theoretical knowledge and practical experience,” he said.

 Meyer said the Formula SAE team also will get an upgraded engine control computer that has several capabilities new to the team such as traction control and engine input air flow measurement. Integration of the new equipment into the automotive lab and Formula SAE team project is planned to take place over the next year.