Formula SAE

What is Formula SAE all about? 

Formula SAE is a collegiate competition in which students design, manufacture, and build a formula one style racecar. Each year, the Society of Automotive Engineers creates a new 150+ page rulebook that Formula SAE cars must adhere to, challenging students’ creativity and innovative abilities. As an extracurricular activity, students must allocate time outside of classwork to come together and build the vehicle. Every year a new car is designed and built from the ground up, ultimately competing in several international Formula SAE competitions where teams from around the world participate.


Types of Events 

  • CAD Training
  • Manufacturing Workshops                                         
  • Social Meetings
  • Career Fair Prep
  • Company Social Events

Fast Facts 

  • Members consist of freshman to senior status 
  • Common majors of active members: aerospace engineering, computer engineering/computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering 
  • Facebook page - WMU Formula Racing