Innovation Club

What is Innovation Club all about? 

The Innovation Club runs a Makerspace on main campus that is open to all students to build any idea they have. We have 3D printers, soldering irons, hand tools, power tools, computers, materials, and much more for any and all students to have access to. It's a place for students to get hands on experience with what they are passionate about without the stresses of failure.

Types of Events

Every week Monday-Thursday the Makerspace, which is on the second floor of the Waldo Library, is open from 11am-8pm for any student to come in and use the space. We also host club wide projects that go on for a few weeks to an entire semester long. We have a fund dedicated to sponsoring students non-school related projects that can be applied for. Occasionally we hold game nights as well.

 Fast Facts

  • Consists mainly of sophomores and juniors
  • Members have majors that include aerospace engineering, computer engineering/computer science, engineering design technology, mechanical engineering and many more
  • Spring 2019 meetings are Tuesday at 7:30 am
  • President - Nathan Lawarre