Lee authors Thermoelectrics: Design and Materials


Dr. HoSung Lee

Dr. HoSung Lee, professor of mechanical engineering, has published Thermoelectrics: Design and Materials, a new textbook that serves as an introduction to a fast developing and multidisciplinary field.

“Thermoelectrics is a study of the energy conversion between thermal energy and electrical energy in solid state matters,” explained Lee. “It is an emerging field with comprehensive applications such as exhaust waste heat recovery, solar energy conversion, automotive air conditioning, deep-space exploration, electronic control and cooling, and medical instrumentation.”

Thermoelectrics involves multiple interdisciplinary fields including physics, chemistry, electronics, material sciences, nanotechnology, and mechanical engineering. The book covers basic principles of thermoelectrics as well as materials and devices.

 “Many of the theories and materials are still under development, mostly on the materials, but minimally on the design,” Lee said.  He has developed and taught thermoelectrics courses in the past, but recognized that a textbook was needed to spur development.

“We are proud of Dr. Lee’s accomplishment in publishing this book,” said Dr. Koorosh Naghshineh, interim chair of the mechanical and aerospace engineering department. “His book will allow students at WMU and at other universities to learn about thermoelectricity and understand ways to apply this technology to real-world applications.”

The textbook is published by Wiley, and beginning in 2017, will be used in several graduate courses including Thermoelectric Design and Thermoelectric Materials.