E-Newsletters 2011

Below is a list of Western Michigan University's 2011 College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Newsletters. Click on the file to view in Adobe PDF Format. Can't view files? Click here to download Adobe Reader.

  • December
    Foundation members race SAE Baja car, Innovation day, senior design presentations, Michigan industry road trip.
  • November
    Stryker challenge team win, student team and alumni accelerate Michigan win, ProModel team win, workshop.
  • October
    Concrete canoe and steel bridge, engineering expo, GMI award, alumni excellence academy, faculty/staff awards.
  • September
    Welcome week for first year students, mold designer of the year
  • August
    Casting challenge, first annual SAE alumni drive, best poster.
  • June
    Wireless sensor with unique features, CCE offers new grade I certification.
  • May
    SAE and Sunseeker competition, traffic bowl, marathon.
  • April
    Blood drive in honor of Gideon, outstanding seniors, senior presentations.
  • March
    E-week highlights, earthquake engineering simulation and Russian scientists.
  • February
    32nd annual engineers week dinner and career fair.