E-Newsletters 2013

Below is a list of Western Michigan University's 2013 College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Newsletters. Click on the file to view in Adobe PDF Format. Can't view files? Click here to download Adobe Reader.

  • December
    Foundry Educational Foundation Awards, Institute of Transportation Awards, Senior Engineering Design Conference.
  • November
    Stryker Challenge, SAE Competition, Medieval Engineering Trebuchet Team.
  • October
    $1.4 Million DOT Grant, Engineering Expo, Armstrong Scholarship, New Viewbook.
  • September
    Fall Welcome Passport Day.
  • August
    Tyler Bayne's Trip to Brazil.
  • July
    Formula Sun Grand Prix.
  • June
    Student and Faculty Awards, MDOT Grant.
  • May
    Senior Engineering Design Conference, WMU Grad Honored, Workshop.
  • April
    Wheelchair ramp, faculty accolades, KAMSC Science Fair, outstanding seniors, Sigma Gamma Tau.
  • May
    Science Olympiad, MAE merit awards.
  • February
    Faculty/staff awards, Karen Lawrence memorial, Impact Label scholarship.