E-Newsletters 2014

Below is a list of Western Michigan University's 2014 College of Engineering and Applied Sciences newsletters. Click on the file to view in Adobe PDF Format. Can't view files? Click here to download Adobe Reader.

  • December
    Senior design, Innovation day, College in Industry scholarships, Dr. James Springstead NIH grant.
  • November
    ESD highlights new CEAS program, 2014 Alumni Academy.
  • October
    Engineering Expo, Tau Beta Pi service award, school visit, course activities, research grants.
  • September
    Passport Day, advanced technology summer camp, NSF grants.
  • August
    Sunseeker news, new MAE program, Paper Foundation mtg., stay connected.
  • July
    Follow the Sunseeker, Impact Sensors to detect concussions.
  • June
    Construction and civil engineering field labs, Transportation Research Center funding.
  • May
    Student awards, department news, competition results, summer camps.
  • April
    Student and staff accolades, Albert Einstein sculpture, upcoming Senior Engineering Design Conference.
  • May
    Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities inaugural event, Flexo field trip, Parker donation to Sunseeker, upcoming events.
  • February
    TAPPI Student Summit, Dr. Joyce recognition, camps and upcoming events.
  • January
    Student Flexible Packaging Challenge, faculty and staff awards, upcoming events.