Non Sponsored Activity Guidelines

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) encourages faculty to engage in research. A mechanism for bringing research funding to the College is projects that qualify as Non Sponsored Activities. Research Centers within CEAS are a mechanism for promoting and engaging in research projects or activities within and across disciplines which support funding for graduate and undergraduate research students, and which are larger or longer term research efforts than what would be typical for Non Sponsored Activities. As such, Research Centers will generally operate under the oversight procedures from the WMU Office of the Vice-President for Research (OVPR) when seeking or pursuing funding from external entities.

Guidelines and requirements that WMU researchers in CEAS must follow for the review and approval of Non Sponsored Activities are found in the files that can be downloaded from this webpage, as well as web links within those same documents. Questions about the Non Sponsored Activities review process should be referred to the CEAS Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education.

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