CEAS faculty recognized for research successes

Faculty from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences were among those honored at an Excellence in Discovery luncheon held February 5 and hosted by WMU President John M. Dunn and Provost Timothy J. Greene.

The event celebrated the success of numerous faculty and staff members in obtaining external research dollars. During the event, Dr. Daniel M. Litynski, vice president for research, recognized WMU faculty for bringing in external research funding.

Four principal investigators and five co-principal investigators from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences were singled out for their outstanding work and for bringing in more than $1 million each in external funding awards each year during the past five years.

Those faculty members recognized were:

Principal Investigators

  • William Liou, CAVIDS Center, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Jun-Seok Oh, Civil and Construction Engineering
  • John Patten, Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management
  • Edmund Tsang, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Co-Principal Investigators

  • Osama Abudayyeh, Civil and Construction Engineering
  • Shiva Om Bade Shrestha, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Claudia Fajardo-Hansford, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Valerian Kwigizile, Civil and Construction Engineering
  • Koorosh Naghshineh, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering