Building the Resilient You

Book Title: “The Resilience Toolkit: Powerful ways to thrive in blue-light services”

Title of talk: Building the Resilient You

The world today is fast-paced, highly complex, and often exhausting (or life threatening). Yet it is possible to thrive in this ‘pressure cooker’, as resilience isn't just a genetic factor that some are gifted with and others not - it can be built and reinforced. 

“The Resilience Toolkit: Powerful ways to thrive in blue-light services” was published in February 2019 and reveals specific steps and tools to improve one’s resilience. Written by Jonathan Rees and with a foreword by Chief Superintendent Ian Wylie, Vice-President of the UK’s Police Superintendents Association, The Resilience Toolkit combines multiple strands of thinking, research and experience and outlines specific ways for us to prepare for the unexpected, feel calm and confident under pressure and avoid burnout. It aims to reduce stress and anxiety by understanding the components of a resilient work life. The book also includes a tool developed by Dr. Larry Mallak to quickly establish your own resilience.
In this talk, Jonathan will be sharing how we can improve our resilience by considering key elements from the book in how we think, act, and interact with others, connecting them to what he’s heard from running workshops with over 1000 police officers and other professionals across the UK since 2017. You’ll leave with some ideas that you can use to create your own resilience plan and put it into practice quickly and easily.