Entrepreneurship Major

Are you a creative, driven individual interested in building or managing your own business? The entrepreneurship major at Western Michigan University may be right for you! You’ll learn to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and build a viable business through developing capabilities in idea generation, opportunity recognition, resource acquisition and financial management.

WMU pursues academic excellence through innovative approaches to learning, discovery and service. The entrepreneurship major is designed to combine in-class education with hands-on experiential learning. There are several ways to develop your own business while pursuing your degree by participating in the many entrepreneurship activities offered, including the student business accelerator and the annual business pitch competition.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or interested in working for a small business, the entrepreneurship major will arm you with the skills vital for success.

The entrepreneurship major at Western Michigan University will provide you with a strong foundation in entrepreneurial concepts along with the flexibility to specialize in a secondary area based on academic tracks, or take courses to obtain a minor or another major.

Students who complete an entrepreneurship major will be prepared to:

  • Work for a startup.
  • Start their own company.
  • Work for their family business.


You are encouraged to develop your ideas and attend or compete at premier entrepreneurial and innovation events. In addition, WMU offers:

Major coursework

  • MGMT 2140—Exploring Entrepreneurship (complete this course before enrolling in the courses below)
  • MGMT 3340—Business Model Design
  • MKTG 3340—Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • MKTG 3600—Professional Selling
  • FIN 3350—Small Business Finance
  • FIN 3360—Funding New and Growing Ventures
  • MGMT 4140—Building the Business

Electives (nine credit hours from one of the following tracks)

See details on elective courses and options to earn a minor or a second major.

  • Entrepreneurship-focused track
  • Business Information Systems tracks
    • Information systems
    • eBusiness
    • Business intelligence and data analytics
    • Networking and information assurance focus
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing

Capstone course (one required)

MGMT 3140—Small Business Management

MGMT 4340—Family Business Management

MGMT 4380—Entrepreneurship Practicum

For more information on course requirements visit the WMU catalog.


If you have questions or concerns related to your coursework, or who seek career advising, contact:

Dr. Laurel Ofstein
Office: 3341 Schneider | (269) 387-5417
Email Laurel Ofstein