200 Ionia


The AMP Lab @ WMU occupies the first two floors of WMU’s Grand Rapids, Downtown regional location, taking advantage of the metropolitan area to recruit students and promote local industry connections.  Design choices for the building focus around pairing student success with the requirement that the building be a teaching tool to raise awareness of the vitality of the manufacturing industry, while providing a foundation for growing future programs at WMU.

The project’s commitment to reinventing the region and broader public’s understanding of manufacturing begins with its first impression when arriving at WMU-Grand Rapids. A continuous glass wall offers pedestrians views into the building’s public and collaboration spaces. The dynamic forms of the project build toward emphasizing the future of manufacturing.


This area will contain robotic cells for training and research with vendors/manufacturers regularly rotating through the latest equipment.

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AutocamMedical dedicated this space for medical device prototyping up to 20 hours each day, and utilizes this equipment for prototyping their latest medical devices  and collaborating with WMU for engineering research.

The equipment includes a metal 3D printer capable of working with titanium and stainless steel, multiple high precision Computer Numerical Control lathes and mills.

The Tool Room houses stools and equipment for building models, an important part of engineering technology and industrial and engineering design courses.


Metrology Lab

The Metrology Lab is for precision measurement activities.

The lab contains a surface plate and measurement equipment: scanners, scopes, and reverse engineering equipment, such as a FaroArm.

Design Lab

The Design Lab is the main WMU classroom area for engineering, industrial and product design courses.  Designed to be flexible the lab can seat up to 36 students in a traditional layout or altered to accommodate breakout and small group work or individual workspaces. 

Collaboration Space

The Collaboration Space serves as a touch down space for instructors in the AMP Lab @ WMU. Collaborators can use the space to meet and consult with vendors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals. 

Advanced Manufacturing Lab

The Advanced Manufacturing Lab houses multiple 3D printers, laser cutters, plasma cutters, paint booths and welding stations geared towards hands-on coursework and training.


The CAD/CAM Lab is equipped with computers for design and manufacturing courses through the support of CNC trainers.

Tooling and Machine Lab

Adjacent to the CAD/CAM Lab is the Tooling and Machining Lab where GRCC houses equipment purchased with MEDC funding.

GRCC runs their AMP Lab programming during the day and WMU will run its machining and manufacturing courses at night.


WMU–Grand Rapids, Downtown, inhabits an historic landmark located at Ionia Avenue and Cherry Street in the city’s Arena District -- originally built as a manufacturing facility in the early 20th century. The building began as the Brown and Sehler Co., a wholesale manufacturer of horse harnesses and collars from 1925 to 1935. Various businesses moved in and out of the building for the next 40 years before H.H. Cutler Co., an infant and children’s clothing manufacturer, occupied the space until 1995. WMU moved into the building in May 2001 and has since renewed a long-term lease.

The AMP Lab @ WMU opened in the summer of 2018. The degree programs connect students with opportunities in manufacturing and engineering education. Partnering with WMU, Grand Rapids Community College will have access to offer various manufacturing and engineering courses inside the Lab. WMU and GRCC are exploring options for other universities from the region to access the facility and for hosting high school courses. This initiative allows this building to be more interactive with the community, tying it into the vitality of its neighbors. WMU is committed to the revitalization of Grand Rapids as a creative hub for 21st century manufacturing and economic development.