Extended University Programs of Western Michigan University provides higher education and professional development opportunities beyond the main campus. EUP encompasses eight regional locations across the State of Michigan as well as online programs, lifelong learning, conferencing, and degree completion through the University Studies program.  The success of each WMU student has always been a focus of EUP, and we are committed to providing support services to enhance the learning process and to assist students in achieving their professional, academic and lifelong goals.


EUP’s mission is to extend the reach of Western Michigan University beyond Kalamazoo though innovation, access, and outreach. Leading innovation through community engagement and the delivery of responsive contemporary programming, EUP seeks to identify, develop, and provide access to learner-centered pathways for diverse populations.


EUP is a team of dedicated professionals with a broad range of expertise and responsibilities. We carry out our work knowing we are always representing our team, our division, and our university to a diverse group of constituents. As we work to realize our mission on behalf of the university, the following values provide the framework for the culture we seek to build and maintain as we interact with each other, our partners, and stakeholders. 


EUP team members are accountable to ourselves, to each other, and to our stakeholders and partners across and beyond the university. We set and manage clear expectations for ourselves and our colleagues. We take ownership for our responsibilities and take responsibility for our actions. We meet deadlines; we follow through; and we own our successes and our mistakes with integrity.


Driving access, innovation, and outreach is a collective endeavor. We work in partnership within and across our unit and the university; we value diversity of experience and expertise; we recognize the inclusion of multiple perspectives in our work helps us to better achieve shared goals.


To function effectively and realize our mission, EUP communicates clearly, consistently, and transparently across and beyond our unit, our division, and our university. As colleagues we strive to be professional, inclusive, and respectful. We empower one another to listen actively, reflect critically, ask clarifying questions, seek and accept constructive feedback, and share results and information widely.


EUP is a driver of change across and beyond WMU. We learn from the past and look to the future as we imagine the possibilities of transformative lifelong learning. We seek, develop, and implement creative solutions to challenging problems at the intersection of teaching, learning, and technology.


EUP is a large, complex organization with significant reach and impact throughout the university and the multiple communities and constituents we serve. We are open and honest with ourselves and our stakeholders when developing and implementing plans, establishing policies, setting priorities, and solving problems.