Collegiate Pathways

Collegiate Pathways dual enrollment provides eligible high school students with access to university courses and delivers new educational opportunities in cooperation with K-12 partners.

Dual enrollment allows high school students to earn credits that may be applied toward high school graduation requirements as well as a college or university program.

Prospective Students and Families

Collegiate Pathways dual enrollment provides students with a great head start in college. Earning college credits during high school and then applying those credits toward earning a college degree saves students both time and money.  

  I am excited for my daughter to become more fluent in Chinese and to earn college credits as well. My daughter is more challenged by the WMU program and has been very positive about the instructor.   
Tracy Chrenka, Parent

Collegiate Pathways dual-enrolled students are:

  • Supported with college readiness curriculum.
  • Supported by mentors (student success coaches).
  • More likely to graduate high school and succeed in college courses because of these supports.
  • 30% more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than non-dual enrolled peers.
  • Less likely to need to take basic skills courses in college.
  • More likely to have higher GPA’s than traditional college peers.

For more information on the success of dual enrollment and early college click here.

Dual-enrolled students are WMU students and will receive:

  • Dedicated support from a Collegiate Pathways student success coach.
  • A Bronco ID
  • A WMU email address
  • WMU student services (Writing Center, University libraries, academic resource center, etc.)
  • Free admission to most WMU home athletic events
  • 50% off admission to Miller Auditorium shows
  • A Bronco transit pass

What is the cost?

Through our partnerships, the out-of-pocket cost to students and families is reduced or eliminated altogether. 

How do I apply?

Download the application and handbook. Contact our student success coach if you have any questions.

Who can answer my questions?

Contact us for regional and online dual enrollment questions, or for main campus dual enrollment questions.

Current Students and Families

K-12 Partners

Collegiate Pathways will work with administrators to develop and implement a program that meets specific needs of students and families within their district.

All Collegiate Pathways students are supported by WMU through:

  • Regular mentoring with a dedicated student success coach.
  • WMU student support services and resources (Writing Center, University libraries, etc.).
  • College-readiness curriculum.

What dual enrollment options are available?


  • Online—Delivered 100% online. Classes are facilitated through the WMU Elearning system using a variety of media.
  • Hybrid—Delivered at least 51% online, paired with face-to-face class sessions. Classes are held on-site or at a regional location.
  • Traditional—Delivered entirely face-to-face. Classes are held on-site or at a regional location.


Hundreds of subjects are available. Beyond that, Collegiate Pathways will work with you to customize content according to your students’ needs.

We can provide general education courses as well as courses in high-demand areas such as aviation, health, and STEM.

What is the cost?

A custom contract between WMU and a school district can provide reduced program costs, which allows out-of-pocket costs to students and families to be limited or eliminated altogether.

Are customized partnerships possible?

Each partnership is customized. We will work with you to offer your students access to courses and programs that are tailored to meet their needs and also provide them with relevant, in-demand knowledge and skills.

What’s the next step? Who can answer more of my questions?

Contact Chuck Pearson, director of early college programs.