Physical Education (MA)—Pedagogy and Adapted Concentrations

Two disabled youth in wheelchairs push themselves around an indoor track.

WMU-Online Education offers two different concentrations in its physical education master's degree for teachers. One for those who want to advance their teaching and leadership skills; and one for those who teach children with disabilities.

Pedagogy concentration

Designed to provide teachers with the knowledge, skills and experiences to facilitate effective instruction in private and public schools. Teachers who have already earned certification in physical education will expand their credentials, develop professional leadership skills and broaden instructional skills within 36 credit hours.
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Aadapted concentration

This hybrid online program is designed to prepare physical education or special education teachers to provide quality adapted physical education for school children with disabilities. Graduates will gain knowledge, skills and experience in teaching students with disabilities fundamental motor skills and patterns, physical and motor fitness, as well as skills in aquatic, dance, individual, group games and sports, leisure and recreational skills.
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Career opportunities

In some schools, teachers receive extra pay for coaching sports and working with students in extracurricular activities. Getting a master's degree or national certification often results in a raise in pay.... (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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