Program Formats


Traditional in class (face-to-face) programs allow for immediate feedback and engagement between instructors and students. Classes are offered at WMU regional locations across Michigan. All or most courses available; may require courses or practicum in Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids.


Whether you are unable to travel to campus, or would prefer a program that fits your busy schedule, online programs provide the ultimate level of convenience for our students. Online programs require little to no classroom meetings, so you can maximize your time and learn during the hours you learn best.


Hybrid programs include mostly online instruction, with some face-to-face meetings. The face-to-face meetings are conducted at WMU regional locations.

Online and Intensive

This program type emphasizes both flexibility of location and time. Most classes will be available online, and the remaining classes will be hybrid consisting of online instruction with week-long, intensive sessions held at the main campus in Kalamazoo. The courses are the same number of instruction hours, but can be completed in days or weeks instead of months.