COVID Cleaning Procedures

Custodial Services is dedicated to keeping Western Michigan University clean and safe for students, faculty and staff. In order to maintain that goal, we have outlined our cleaning procedures that are currently in place across campus.

Antimicrobial application to campus

The spaces of Western Michigan University regularly used by the student body have been treated with Microbecare. This product creates a covalent bond with surfaces and aides in continually eliminating microbial growth and providing protection from a variety of pathogens.


Classrooms scheduled to be used will be cleaned prior to 8 a.m. on the day of scheduled use. Door signs should be marked indicating each time the room is cleaned. When multiple classes are schedule in the same room on the same day, the following should be performed:

  1. When a minimum 30-minute gap between classes is scheduled, partial cleaning of the rooms should occur. This includes spraying or table top mopping all table surfaces, spraying frequently touched surfaces, removing large pieces of trash, cleaning the whiteboards, wiping the lectern area and indicating on the door sign when the room was last cleaned.
  2. When a minimum 30-minute gap is not available, the classroom should be provided with a bucket of wipes. These wipes are for students and staff to use to wipe the area in which they sit or work in the classroom. Each bucket of wipes should have a wipe waste bin for wipes only.


All restrooms will be cleaned once daily, unless noted as closed. Restrooms that have been evaluated as frequently used will be serviced additional times based on the frequency of use.


Offices receive weekly vacuum services. Offices that are not currently in use will not be serviced.

Elevators and stairways

Elevators and stairways are considered high touchpoints. They will be attended to by the custodial team two to three times a day, depending on location.