Campus Memorials

Donation plaqueLandscape Services and the Arboretum Committee have established a Donor Garden near the holly collections on the grounds of The Oaklands, the former residence of past presidents, centrally located next to the Siebert Administration Building on Western Michigan University's West Campus. The Donor Garden incorporates benches and a plaque for donor and memorial recognition in a pleasant landscape area at The Oaklands.

Memorial options

You may choose from three memorial options: 

  1. An engraved nameplate on the Donor Garden Memorial Plaque for a donation of more than $1,000.
  2. A tree with a 4-inch by 6-inch engraved plaque (memorial name and tree ID) installed next to or near the tree for a $3,000 donation. We will work with you on species selection and final campus location.
  3. A bench with an attached engraved nameplate for a $4,000 donation. As with a memorial tree, while we take your wishes into consideration, the final decision on location is up to our discretion.

All donations, no matter the amount, will be accepted and added to an appropriate landscape endowment to generate future funds for campus beautification.

We guarantee that the nursery stock has been inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and is healthy and true to name. We have a professional staff of groundskeepers, gardeners and arborists to monitor planting using a variety of modern, standard techniques; however, no warranty, other than that of the supplier, is given, expressed or implied as to the productivity or like of any nursery stock we plant. We cannot be responsible fore the effects of natural factors such as insects, disease injuries or any other "acts of God" beyond our control.

Please contact Monica Priest, Director of Donor Services at (269) 387-8838 for more information.