Students are our most important customers. Landscape Services strives to keep campus safe, clean and beautiful so our students can study hard and have fun, too!


Orientation is an important summer event at Western Michigan University. Landscape Services works with admissions and Residence Life to assure that parents and prospective students have the best possible experience while on campus. A safe, clean, beautiful campus is an essential part of student recruitment and retention.

studentsLandscape Services appreciates the efforts of volunteer groups on campus. Student and community groups can assist Landscape Services in many important tasks such as removing invasive species and clearing trash from campus woodlots. In this picture some of the summer AmeriCorps members are clearing woody brush from the prairies at the Engineering and Applied Sciences Building on WMU's Parkview Campus. The plant in the foreground is white baptisia, a rare prairie plant of the upper Midwest.


Student labor is an important part of Landscape Services. Our students are up before dawn and work hard outdoors every day to keep campus safe, clean and beautiful for their fellow Broncos. Landscape Services employs up to 30 students each year to shovel snow, mow lawns, weed whip, rake leaves and care for planters and gardens all over campus. We mentor them in safety, equipment operation and general horticulture techniques—skills that will be valuable in the future as they care for their own homes and gardens.

studentsDuck heroes! Here is a happy group of staff and students after successfully escorting a newly hatched brood of ducks from Davis Courtyard to the Arcadia Creek along Western Avenue. After waiting for the nest to hatch for 28 days (the incubation period for Mallards) the day came to lead them in the right direction. The cardboard on the right was used to cover storm drains on the route so the little ducklings didn't fall between the cracks.

studentsVolunteer groups are an important resource to Landscape Services. Volunteer groups provide service to the Western community in many ways. Here a group of students assist our Natural Areas Program by seeding native plants in the newly cleared Lawson Woods. The goal at Lawson Woods is to provide a passive recreation area that reflects the natural heritage of West Michigan. After clearing exotic invasive species, we added native trees, grasses and flowering perennials to enhance the sense of place that Landscape Services hopes to encourage at Western Michigan University.

studentsWMU is a major research University, and we are proud of our students' contributions in many fields of study. Here a graduate student is blood testing and banding chipping sparrows on campus. It is the goal of Landscape Services to assist research studies that use the campus landscape by providing a clean, safe and undisturbed space for this important work. Typically the departments of environmental science, geology, biology and botany use the main campus as well as our natural areas and preserves for research studies.