The fountainCampus Gardens Walking Tour

Here at Western Michigan University, we believe in providing our students with the best environment to learn. We want to provide an environment that is conducive to the education of our students, while maintaining a scenic and beautiful campus. Our gardens feature native grasses and natural, native fauna, and are accented by annual flowers and bulbs. These gardens make our campus the perfect place for students to relax. They enhance the educational experience while benefiting the environment around them.

The tour path is approximately 2 miles with 11 places of interest along the way. Additionally, there are 17 bonus points scattered throughout the tour.


Campus Gardens Walking Tour map


Campus Gardens Walking Tour slideshow
Campus Gardens Walking Tour slideshow—bonus points

Campus Tree ToursCampus Tree Tours

The Wood Hall Tree Tour is the first to be developed by Landscape Services at Western Michigan University. In the future, we will be developing many different tours of our diverse campus landscape.

  • More than 4,800 landscape trees on campus.
  • 131 acres of woodlots on main campus.
  • 109 acres of tree canopy at Asylum Lake Preserve.
  • 35 acres of tree canopy at Kleinstuck Preserve.
  • 35 acres of tree canopy on the Parkview Campus.



Wood Hall Tree Tour

Wood Hall Tree Tour description
Wood Hall Tree tour map

Sustainability Tour talking points

This is an example of talking points one would hear while on a Sustainability Tour, as written by Steve Keto, Natural Areas and Preserves Manager.

Sustainability Tour talking points