Your Bronco Backyard

Baby coyote

Photo of a young coyote taken by Tom Suhr.

Welcome to Your Bronco Backyard, a new feature on the Landscape Services website that will bring the seasonal beauty of our campus right to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Over the coming months, we hope to introduce you to topics and pictures of plants, animals and people that make this campus so special. We hope you will enjoy this virtual experience of our landscape and learn about all the ways that Landscape Services supports our customers—the campus community—and protects our shared environment here at Western Michigan University.

This is a photo of a young coyote taken by Tom Suhr. The pup was waiting for his mother to return near the Engineering and Applied Sciences Building on WMU's Parkview Campus. This is but one of many species of animals that share the WMU campus with us.

In most cases young wildlife should be left where they are found. Often the mother is nearby or the young are already on their own. Should you encounter an injured or orphaned animal, the Department of Natural Resources has a list of Michigan Licensed Animal Rehabilitators who may be able to provide professional assistance.

While most people think they are helping wild animals by regular feeding, except for bird feeding stations, providing wildlife with human foods can cause problems for animals and humans alike. A short explanation of the issues related to feeding wildlife is provided for your consideration.

Campus scene