Space Request Procedures

Space policies and procedures are administered by the Space Utilization Manager, part of the Planning, Space Management and Capital Projects Division of Western Michigan University Facilities Management.

Procedure for assigning space

  1. A Space Request form will be filled out by an individual on campus requesting space. The form will be signed by the appropriate department head or advisory and by the appropriate dean, director or vice president. After signing, the form will be faxed or emailed to the space utilization for evaluation.
  2. Evaluation—Planning will accept all space request forms and will work with the requesting group to program their space needs. The program will include an evaluation of both current space and future needs of the requesting group. The space request will also be evaluated based on how it fits with the Campus Master Plan.
  3. The space request will be presented to the Space Allocation Committee for approval, denial or tabling for more information. A funding source will be determined at this time, if needed to complete the request. There may be a cost to perform the evaluation. This will be communicated to requester and must be approved by the requester prior to the start of any work.
  4. After approval by the Space Allocation Committee, the requesting group, as well as the building coordinator, will be notified. It will be the requester's responsibility to fill out the online Project Request form. After receiving the form, the Construction Division of Facilities Management will complete the programming and provide an estimate of cost for relocation and remodeling.