Special Projects Crew

Summer 2014

Building Custodial and Support Services

Window washing at Haenicke HallThe special projects crew is a group of thirteen highly trained custodians and two lead custodians from Building Custodial and Support Services that come together each year from mid-April through mid-August to focus on specialized detail cleaning. Some of the activities include removing mold from showers, removing gum and pressure washing concrete sidewalks and building exteriors, completing high dusting and cleaning of building structures as well as cleaning exterior and interior windows, sometimes as high as 40 plus feet!

This year some of the main focuses of the group have been building preparation for Spring and Summer Commencements, cleaning exterior windows of the buildings on campus, pressure washing the entire Waldo Stadium for the upcoming football season. A lot of special attention has been placed on cleaning building exterior precast concrete and brick.

When asked about special projects, crew leader Arnita Williams says, “This is a crew that Western Michigan University really needs because we do things that no one else would think of or even want to do. The work is very rewarding because at the end of the day you look at the hard work you put in and the results provide an instant wow factor! In the end, it’s all about Bronco pride and reflecting that in your work.” 

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