Graduate Student Teaching Intensive

Graduate Student Teaching Intensive 2018. A group picture of the GSTI after receiving their certificates.


This intensive is a five day professional development program that helps graduate student assess their teaching practices, refine teaching and learning approaches and improve communication for diverse learners. 

The Intensive includes:

  • Workshops sessions
  • Small group mentoring
  • Guided practice and reflection

Topics covered include:

  • Foundations of teaching and learning
  • Effective classroom management and instruction
  • Methods and strategies for teaching and learning
  • Assessment and evaluation



The Graduate Student Teaching Intensive will be Monday, July 22 to 26, 2019, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Students must either be nominated by their chair/director or self-nominate (and pay the $250 fee). Nominations will be accepted through June 16, 2019.

Chairs/Directors/Deans, please complete the form to nominate graduate students for the Graduate Student Teaching Intensive.  Students, if you are nominating yourself, please check the appropriate box to indicate that you agree to pay for the intensive yourself.  All nominations are due by June 16, 2019.

Nomination Form




The following comments have been retrieved from the 2017 and 2016 GSTI evaluation forms that were filled out anonymously by participants at the end of the intensive. 



  • "Shifted my focus of not just focusing on what “I” need to do, but rather consider the students perspective. The student panel was amazing."
  • “The tools for handling failing students and failing as instructors were well delivered.  I took a lot away from this.”·       
  • “Really made me realize that it is ok to approach students and ask them if they are ok and if I can do anything to help. I am excited to look more closely at students’ lives and try to help/encourage better.”
  • “These two presentations (regarding day 3) were amazing. They were informative and helpful on how to help our students.”
  •  “This was very much material that new instructors worry about, and I think it provided great information.”
  • “Helped me realize that as teacher I really need to be aware of disabilities to better reach them, and I should on first day express my concern/openness to discuss this with anyone who needs to.”
  • "I feel much more confident with helping students with disabilities and how to show them the support that Western can give them."
  •  “This (for me) was the most useful day of the week (day 3). Especially about universal design of content and material, and how to deal with some students conduct and behavior.”
  •  “Presentation by Dr. Davidson was 'deep', thought-provoking and maybe a little uncomfortable – but important! It helped me to see at least some of my own biases and begin to think on how I could prevent them from negatively impacting students.”
  •  “The teaching materials presentation (Jan) was great! I will be using some of those materials (or variations) in my classroom.” 
  •  “Sarut’s portfolio was amazing and motivated me to take the year-long mentoring program. Hopefully I will achieve at the end of that program a great portfolio.”
  • “I enjoyed the group presentations. I felt like we gave each other a lot of good tools, and we were able to practice a lot of what we learned.”


  • "Both presenters were great. They provided great resources. Every department/faculty/TA should have a presentation from them."
  • “Thanks to Jan! The tiers of learning tool will be really useful to me as well as group projects stuff. Also really enjoyed Gwen’s talk. Good info on Elearning, even just to know she is there to help in the future is a comfort. A lot more than I thought there was to do with Elearning. Will integrate for sure J.”
  • “Having Gwen come into the classroom was super helpful because as a new instructor she was able to answer questions about technology that we might be unfamiliar with. She made sure Elearning was not as complicated and showed us some pretty cool advantages to using the program!”
  • “Jan – will use backward design for every class I teach. Interesting presentation on group work – several great tips and concepts I hadn’t considered before.”
  • “The backward design approach was very helpful.”
  • “Overall, the information presented was very useful, and can be applied at any teaching level.”
  • “Helpful to craft and practice active learning activities.”
  • “Great insight tips on how to market your teaching skills outside the university.”
  • “I enjoyed the presentations & I feel that I got some great ideas for my class this fall.”
  • “I feel so privileged to be able to attend GSTI, as I was able to learn much more than expected!!! More publicity needs to be done in order to have more students enrolled. Even more, should be a requirement for TAs in their 1st or 2nd year.”
  • “I will take advantage of all the resources avaialable and wish I was informed of those resources when I 1st attended WMU.”
  • “Thank you for the great work of putting this program together. God bless!!!”
  • “GSTI is a great learning opportunity and I am glad to be here. Thanks to all facilitators and mentors.”