Instructor II Status

What is Instructor II Status?

  • Below is a description of this new status and the changes made to “continuing status,” as defined in the WMU-PIO Agreement 2016 – 2021, which is excerpted from a document made available by the WMU Director of Academic Labor Relations.
    Starting in the 2017-18 academic year, qualified part time Instructors may apply to be considered for Instructor II status after four successful years teaching at WMU, at their option. Among other benefits, persons who are granted Instructor II status are eligible for multi-semester and/or multi-year appointments, depending on the needs of the academic unit. In addition, Instructor II status awards eligible instructors priority consideration over other part time instructors for assignment to courses in which their effectiveness has been documented. Instructor II status is earned within a specific academic unit, much as “continuing status” has been under past CBAs. Instructor II status is conferred for a period of 4 years, after which an instructor may apply for another four-year renewal of the status. Detailed information about the qualifications required for application for Instructor II status, and the benefits associated with Instructor II status can be found in Article 10 of the WMU-PIO Agreement, located here.
    Phasing out “continuing status”: Western will cease granting “continuing status” to any instructor after August 1, 2017. Any instructor who has been granted continuing status as of August 1, 2017 will retain the following rights: (1) rebuttable presumption of appointment, and (2) sixty-day notice through August 28, 2020.
    For additional information, please visit the PIO web page on this topic.
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