Critical Thinking Intensive

Photo of Office of Faculty Development Critical Thinking workshop 2018


The CTI is designed to help faculty develop curricula and pedagogy that include explicit teaching and learning of a higher order of thinking. The intensive empowers faculty to incorporate new opportunities for students to apply complex problem-solving methods in their coursework. Among other things, CTI tasks are aimed at improving critical thinking skills, information literacy, and developing communication skills. 

Participants of the Critical Thinking Intensive meet during summer I semester for two half day information sessions. During these sessions, the Office of Faculty Development explains what CTI tasks are, why these are so valuable, and develop the presents examples. The goal of these meetings is to have each of the participants leave the workshops with ideas and skills that allow them to build a specific task for their classroom. 

In addition to these sessions, there are several follow-up sessions during the summer. These follow-ups are designed to help participants discuss and complete their tasks to be used during the academic year. Each person is expected attend two of the three follow-up dates, with the goal of presenting their task at the finale session they attend. 


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You must be available for both sessions.

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2018 Participants

  • Caroline Webber
  • Bridget Weller
  • Kelley Pattison
  • Joanne DeWit
  • Mary Simpson
  • Ralph Tanner
  • Kristen Smith
  • Kathy Purnell
  • Matilda McLean
  • Lisa Singleterry
  • Zeljka Vidic
  • Carol Weideman
  • Herlik Wibowo
  • Beth Ernst

 2017 Participants

  • Onur Arugaslan

  • Sunday Bonifas

  • Sue Caulfield

  • Clara Davis

  • Steve Eberth

  • Laura Galaviz

  • Keith Howard

  • Marie Moreno

  • Natalie Nguyen

  • Anna Popkova

  • Kathy Propp

  • Tom Rienzo

  • Barbara Sagara

  • Renee Smith

  • Loretta Quinnan Wilson

  • Pamela Wadsworth

  • Mark Varney

  • Okkyong Yoon

 2016 Participants

  • Kevin Abbott
  • Mioara Diaconu
  • Sarah Hill
  • Mary Peterson
  • Silvia Rossbach
  • Kelly Wittenberg

2015 Participants

  • Carla Chase
  • Lois Lemon
  • Alaina Valentine
  • Carol Weideman

2014 Participants

  • David Paul
  • Debra Lindstrom
  • Karen Bergman
  • Maleeka Love
  • Michael Schulte
  • Melissa Ausua
  • Rich McMullen

2013 Participants

  • Rich McMullen
  • Heather Petcovic
  • John Geiser
  • David Paul
  • Robert Dlouhy
  • Joan Conway
  • Toni Woolfork-Barnes
  • Susan Freeman
  • Miriam Ronate
  • Ron Miller

2012 Participants

  • Suzan Ayers
  • Andrea Beach
  • Joetta Carr
  • Eli Collins-Brown
  • Lofton Durham 
  • Tycho Predericks
  • Carla Koretsky
  • Michael Nassaney
  • David Paul
  • Doris Ravotas
  • David Reinhold
  • Donald Schreiber
  •  Gayle Thompson