Centers and Institutes Committee


No meetings of the Centers and Institutes Committee have been scheduled for 2019-20.

2017 Charges

In congruence with MOA-14/03: Revised Policy on Centers and Institutes, a standing committee related to University Centers and Institutes of the Faculty Senate has been established. The charges for this committee are to:

  1. Develop criteria to be used in the review process.
  2. Review new University Center and Institute proposals.
  3. Review all Centers' and Institutes' annual and five-year reports.
  4. Provide planning recommendations based on reviews.
  5. Submit an annual report to the Faculty Senate summarizing reviews and recommendations.

New Proposal Criteria

New Proposal Review Form

Annual Report Criteria

Five-Year Report Criteria

MEMBERSHIP: one member of the Faculty Senate Executive Board; a representative from the Office of the Vice President for Research; and representatives from Centers and Institutes across campus.

Committee Officers

Vacant, Chair

Vacant, Vice Chair

Vacant, Secretary

Ex Officio Member

Faculty Senate Executive Board

Appointed Members

Sisay Asefa
Director, Center for African Development Policy Research

Massood Atashbar
Director, Center for Advanced Smart Sensors and Structures

Charles Henderson
Co-Director, Center for Research on Instructional Change in Postsecondary Education

John Kapenga
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Stephen Magura
Director, The Evaluation Center

Randy Ott
Director, Center for Academic Success Programs

David Rudge
Biological Sciences

Carol Sundberg
Director, Unified Clinics and Center for Disability Services

Steve Ziebarth
Director, Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum

Advisory Members

Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

Sherine Obare
Associate Vice President for Research