International Education Council Members

MEMBERSHIP: The composition of the council can be found in the Faculty Senate Bylaws, Article VI: Councils, Sec. 1

The IEC requires 9 out of 16 voting members to be in attendance to establish quorum, as long as there are no Vacant seats, any Vacant seat(s) should be removed from the voting member total so that one more than half of the new total is needed for quorum. (*indicates a non-voting member)

Council officers

Bradford Dennis, Chair

Xiaodan (Abby) Wang, Vice Chair

Anna Popkova, Secretary

Ex Officio member

Janet Hahn
Faculty Senate Executive Board

Permanent members

Michelle Metro-Roland
Associate Director, External Scholarships and Faculty Development, and International Student Advocate, Haenicke Institute for Global Education

Joseph Milostan
Director of Study Abroad and Faculty Enrichment, Haenicke Institute for Global Education

Barry Olson
Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

Paulo Zagalo-Melo
Associate Provost, Haenicke Institute for Global Education

Elected members

Eric Archer (2025)
Education and Human Development

Bradford Dennis (2026)
Unaffiliated Units (University Libraries)

Dyanne Foskey (2025)
Center for English Language and Culture for International Students

Tarun Gupta (2026)
Engineering and Applied Sciences

Lucius Hallett (2026)
Arts and Sciences (Sciences and Mathematics)

Anne Kairu (2027)

Shannon McMorrow (2026)
Health and Human Services

Anna Popkova (2025)
Arts and Sciences (Humanities)

Xiaodan (Abby) Wang (2025)

Vacant (2027)
Arts and Sciences (Social Sciences)

Vacant (2027)
Fine Arts

Student members

Undergraduate student

Graduate student