We believe:

  • all families should have access to essential resources
  • in the value and importance of family engagement in supporting the University's efforts in recruitment and retention for the benefit of all.
  • building relationships with families is vital to student success and long-lasting affinity to the University.
  • offering comprehensive liaison support provides accurate information and reassurance to families.
  • the student experience is strengthened and enhanced through partnership with family support systems.
  • assisting with the discernment between developmental norms and red-flags leads to the increased likelihood of positive student outcomes and serves to mitigate difficult situations. 

Making the transition from high school to college can be a huge step for both students and their loved ones. As students embark on a new and exciting educational journey, the family dynamics also undergo significant changes that while exciting, can also be unsettling.

Western Michigan University is committed to you as a valued partner in your student’s educational progress, and is here to provide information and resources relevant to the student college experience.