File Sharing Procedures

File sharing notifications

The Office of Information Technology runs an automated system that notices when computers attached to WMU networks (ResNet and WMUnet*) appear to be uploading file using peer-to-peer file sharing technology. An email is then sent to the registered owner of the computer. Content being uploaded, and content on the computer is not looked at, an email is simply sent to notifiy the owner that it appears their computer is engaged in peer-to-peer uploading and refers them to this website. The purpose of this notification is informational only. People who receive these notifications are not required to do anything at this time.

*This automated system is running on ResNet and only a few buildings on WMUnet. It is eventually expected to be added to all of WMUnet.

Alleged copyright infringement notifications

The Office of Information Technology is the agent designated to receive copyright infringement reports under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. When such reports are received, they are acted upon and an email notice is sent to the registered owner of the computer. If you receive a notification of alleged copyright infringement, you should comply with the notification by:

  • If you disagree and feel the notification was received in error, you should immediately reply to the email, explaining why you feel you are not in violation. Information technology will review and recheck the original information to verify the results. If it is found to be in error, you will be notified, the complaint will be withdrawn, and there will be no further action required by you. Otherwise you will be expected to comply with the instructions as listed below and in your copyright violation notification.
  • You must arrange to bring your computer or device to the Office of Information Technology help desk, located on the second floor of the University Computing Center, to have the infringing file(s) removed, or verified that they are no longer on the device. You may call and schedule an appointment or you may simply stop by. Help desk staff will locate and remove the infringing files in question—in your presence.
  • Once the material has been removed, help desk staff will update and close the trouble ticket that was opened by information technology upon receipt of the infringement report. No additional action is required of you.
  • If you fail to contact the help desk within the specified period of time, a reminder notice will be sent, indicating that the device is being removed from WMU networks and will not be allowed to reregister until you have complied with the original notification and the copyrighted material has been removed and verified by the help desk. Removal of network access will occur by close of business on the date indicated in the infringement notification.
  • In the event that an individual receives a second, or multiple infringement notifications, WMU network access will be revoked at once and the case will be immediately referred to the Office of Student Conduct, if a student, to the appropriate dean or provost's office if faculty, or to the immediate supervisor if staff.