Graduate Award Letter

You completed the FAFSA and received your student aid report. Next, you will receive your Western Michigan University award letter. If you're a new graduate student, this letter will be mailed to your home. If you're a returning graduate student, you will be notified through your GoWMU account.

Award determination

Your award letter will tell you just how much aid you can expect to receive from WMU. Graduate awards are comprised mostly of loans and are determined on several factors, including the information you supplied on the FAFSA, your residency and your planned enrollment. As a graduate student, you are no longer eligible for federal or state grants and scholarships.

Cancel or reduce awards

You can cancel or reduce federal loans that have not disbursed to your WMU account. You may also cancel or reduce your federal loans after they have disbursed. However, if they have disbursed, an adjustment form must be received within 30 days of the date of disbursement. Canceling or reducing a disbursed loan may result in a balance due on your WMU account.


Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan is not need-based. It offers a low interest rate and minimal fees. Interest accrues with disbursement.

WMU breaks the school year into two semesters (fall and spring) and two sessions (summer I and summer II). Financial aid is based on your estimated full-time enrollment. Most students enroll for fall and spring semesters. You may also enroll for classes during summer I and summer II . Both of these sessions require an additional financial aid application. Your award letter shows your aid by semester/session.

Your total award is the last column of your award information. It shows how much you have been awarded by each financial aid program.

Your total financial aid is the bottom row of the table that shows your award package details. It shows you the total financial aid you have been awarded for each semester/session. The very last box shows your complete award amount. This amount may change if you have additional scholarships or outside resources to report. Your total financial aid does not include a Federal Direct PLUS Loan, which is another type of financial aid you may be eligible for.


Some students will be selected for verification. If you have been selected, we will contact you through your WMU email. If selected, you will be required to submit additional documentation detailing household and other information. You need to turn in all requested documents as soon as possible to avoid any delay in processing your aid. Some financial aid awards are time sensitive and could be reduced or revoked if you do not complete the verification process.

Satisfactory academic progress

To remain eligible for financial aid, you must make satisfactory academic progress at WMU. This means you must:

  1. Pass 67% of all attempted hours.
  2. Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average as stated in the University’s Catalog
  3. Not exceed a maximum of 183 attempted undergraduate hours, including transfer credit hours.