Undocumented Students

Privately funded assistance is available on a limited basis for non-citizens who are undocumented and having difficulty paying their tuition. 

In addition to tuition assistance, students with a work-eligible status such as DACA are eligible for jobs on campus. Information about student employment is available at Handshake

2019-20 Scholarship Aid for Undocumented/DACA Students Guidelines

DACA applications for 2019-20 have been closed. All funds have been allocated for the 2019-20 aid year. 2020-21 DACA applications will be posted at a later date. 

  • For undergraduate students who are ineligible to receive federal student aid due to an undocumented/DACA status.
  • Open to admitted freshmen, admitted transfer and returning/currently enrolled students.
  • Students are encouraged to apply early as awards are limited and subject to funding availability.
  • Students must demonstrate financial need (per financial documents submitted with the undocumented student/DACA application).

  • Full-time enrollment each semester is required.

  • Up to $6,000 per year.

  • Award may be renewable if student:

  1. Submits a new Undocumented/DACA Scholarship Application for the following year. 
  2. Remains enrolled full-time (fall and spring).
  3. Maintains good academic standing/Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Though students must reapply for the funds yearly, they may receive the award up to 10 semesters or 150 credit hours, whichever comes first.