Undocumented Students

Privately funded assistance is available on a limited basis for non-citizens who are undocumented and having difficulty paying their tuition. If you are undocumented and need assistance with your tuition and residence hall payments, we invite you to complete the 2018-19 Undocumented Student Financial Aid Application.

In addition to tuition assistance, students with a work-eligible status such as DACA are eligible for jobs on campus. Information about student employment is available at Handshake

18-19 Scholarship Aid for Undocumented/DACA Students Guidelines

  • For undergraduate students who are ineligible to receive federal student aid due to an undocumented/DACA status.
  • Open to admitted freshmen, admitted transfer and returning/currently enrolled students.
  • Students must have a high school or college GPA of a 3.0 (preference given to 3.5 and above).
  • Students must demonstrate financial need (per financial documents submitted with the undocumented student/DACA application).
  • Up to $6,000 per year.
  • Award will be equally divided between fall and spring terms only.
  • Full-time enrollment of 15 credit hours each semester is required.
  • Students are encouraged to apply early as awards are limited and subject to funding availability.
  • Though students must reapply for the funds yearly, they may receive the award up to 8 semesters.
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.