Peer Coaches

A group of students walking out of the building on Western's campus.What is Peer Coaching?

Financial Literacy, Educational Planning and Outreach utilizes a peer-to-peer model. We believe that our success comes from merging our mission with the peer-to-peer concept, resulting in an innovative, student-centered, student-driven service model. Our peer coaches are extensively trained to help students turn financial knowledge into financial behavior that guides them into making good financial decisions.

What do Peer Coaches do?

Our peer coaches can provide information to students regarding:

  • Budgeting.
  • Saving strategies.
  • Credit.
  • Types of student loans.
  • Student loan repayment.

With the support of the financial literacy unit, our peer coaches serve students in three areas:

  1. Presentations and workshops.
  2. Outreach activities.
  3. One-on-one coaching sessions.

Presentations and workshops: Students can attend a variety of interactive workshops and presentations conducted by peer coaches and financial literacy staff each semester. Each workshop and presentation provides students with information and tools that they can utilize and apply to their own financial lives.

Outreach activities: Our peer coaches participate in a variety of outreach activities on and off campus. They enjoy interacting with students, whether it is helping them learn about budgeting for real life during an Xtreme Reality event, leading a panel discussion in a workshop or spreading the word about financial literacy at a tabling event.

One-on-one coaching sessions: Students can meet and discuss general money matters with our peer coaches. The peer coach will provide some financial literacy education on the matter and will assist the student in coming up with an actionable plan to ensure sound financial decisions in the future.

Student employment opportunities

Interested in becoming a peer coach? If you think you have what it takes and are interested, please visit WMU Career and Student Employment. We will post any peer coach opening via Handshake.