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Budget like a billionaire

Being a billionaire doesn’t have to be impossible or just a fantasy. Learn tips and techniques to start budgeting today, so one day you can become a billionaire. You will learn how to cut your expenses and achieve your personal financial goals. Who knows, one day you too can be on the cover of Forbes!

Eating healthy on a budget

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get healthy? Do you want to clean up your eating habits but think it’s too expensive? Join us as we discuss ways to eat healthier on a budget. From grocery store savings, meal planning, to coupons, this workshop will help you stay healthy.

Understanding credit

Confused about credit? How do you get credit? Why is it so important? Join us for this workshop where we will help you navigate the types of credit available and what lenders are looking for in you as a borrower.

Know before you go: study abroad

Interested in studying business in Norway, fashion merchandising in Italy, Japanese in Japan, or making new friends in New Zealand? A study abroad experience can be one of the most incredible experiences during your WMU years. Learn how to afford and enjoy a study abroad experience from experts with the Study Abroad office, a student panel, and the financial literacy unit.

Bargain hunting Broncos

Want to save money and still enjoy all that Kalamazoo has to offer? This workshop provides information on free events, student discounts, local dining specials, free or cheap activities you can enjoy on campus and around Kalamazoo.

Adulting 101: how to manage your finances after college

It is common for the anxiety regarding financial pressures to increase for many students as they prepare to graduate. We will discuss how you can easily assume the new financial responsibilities you will be facing whether you will be entering the job market or graduate school. Finish your college experience money strong by attending this workshop.

Affording graduate school

Thinking about going on to graduate school, but unsure what the costs will be and how to pay them? This workshop will help you explore graduate school costs including application and test fees, funding, housing and employment.

Repaying your student loans

Students today are graduating with more student loan debt then we have seen over the last 10 years. Learn what you can do to pay off your student loans and ensure you are not just another statistic. The financial literacy unit will discuss various student loan repayment options, things to avoid when it comes to repayment, and how to seek help if needed.

Budget like a Bronco

Overwhelmed by the cost of college? Struggling to cover all your college and living expenses? Join us for this interactive workshop to learn budgeting strategies, resources and the confidence to take control of your financial responsibilities. We have a game that can help you put what you have learned into practice!

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